Changes in Physicochemical Characteristics of Mature-Green Mume (Prunus mume Sieb. et Zucc) Fruits as Influenced by the Thickness of Packaging Material

포장재 두께에 따른 청매실의 이화학적 특성 변화

  • Published : 2002.06.01


Effect of the thickness of low density polyethylene(LDPE) Film as packaging material on changes in physicochemical characteristics of mature-green mume (Prunus mume Sieb. et Zucc) fruits during storage at different temperatures(0, 10 and 25$\^{C}$) were investigated. Fruit samples stored in pouches with 30㎛ thickness of LDPE film maintained well not only external qualities such as Shape and firmness, but also internal chemical properties such as pH, acidity, the content of soluble solid and chlorophyll, and color, comparing with samples stored without packaging material or in other pouches with different film thickness(20 and 40㎛). From the results, it was found that the maintenance of quality of mature-green mume fruits during storage at 0, 10 and 25$\^{C}$ closely related to the changes in respiratory conditions for fruits affected by the film thickness of the packaging material.


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