Analysis of Sewage Plant Operation by Statistical Approach

통계방법에 의한 하수처리장 운전분석

  • Published : 2002.09.01


Statistical analysis between sewage plant operating parameters and the effluent quality was performed. We extracted two factors from principal component analysis of operating parameters and effluent quality from each plant. The total variance of 84.7%, 79.2% was explained by the two factors at SB plant and SC plant, respectively. The factors were identified at SB plant in the following order 1) the oxidation of organic material by aeration basin microbe,2) biomass in aeration basin and at SC plant 1) the oxidation of organic material by aeration basin microbe, 2) thickening of acti-vated sludge. These results suggested that the control of microbial composition might be critical on the improvement of the effluent quality and plant operating efficiency because most of the factors were related with microbes.


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