Development of Optimal Blank Shape Design Program Using the Initial Velocity of Boundary Nodes

초기 속도법을 이용한 최적 블랭크 설계 프로그램의 개발

  • Published : 2002.10.01


A new method of optimal blank shape design using the initial nodal velocity (INOV) has been proposed for the drawings of arbitrary shaped cups. With the given information of tool shape and the final product shape, corresponding initial blank shape has been found from the motion of boundary nodes. Although the sensitivity method, the past work of the present authors, has been proved to be excellent method to find optimal blank shapes, the method has a problem that a couple of deformation analysis is required at each design step and it also exhibits an abnormal behaviors in the rigid body rotation prevailing region. In the present method INOV, only a single deformation analysis per each design stage is required. Drawings of practical products as well as oil-pan, have been chosen as the examples. At every case the optimal blank shapes have been obtained only after a few times of modification without predetermined deformation path. The deformed shape with predicted optimal blank almost coincides with the target shape at every case. Through the investigation the INOV is found to be very effective in the arbitrary shaped drawing process design.


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