Ecological characteristics of areas naturally inhabited by Dolbae trees(Pyrus pyrifolia) on Mt. Kaya



Ahn, Young-Hee;Chung, Kyu-Hwan

  • 발행 : 2002.11.01


The ecological characteristics of Dolbae trees, a valuable genetic resource for native pyrus fruit trees, were investigated at four naturally inhabited areas on Mount Kaya, Gyeongsangnam-Do. Most Dolbae trees were found on the southwest side of an old hiking path to a mountain valley at altitudes of 610∼670 m. The surrounding flora consisted of 46 families, 69 genera, 75 species, and 10 varieties. The natural habitat of the Dolbae trees was basically a deciduous broad-leaved forest with a predominance of Quercus serrata and ligneous plants(xylophytes) from the Fagaceae and Betulaceae families. The habitat was also found to be in a second transition resulting from forest disturbance and exhibited a degree of diversity of 2.901-5.065, based on Shannon-Weiner's index. Examination of the Dolbae trees found in Mount Kaya revealed diameter breast heights(DBHs) ranging from 10 to 60 cm, including six old and large Dolbae trees with a DBH of 50∼60 cm, which will be particularly valuable as a genetic resource. Accordingly, the current results suggest that the study areas are a secondary forest in a typical mid-temperate zone resulting from forest damage about 10 years earlier.


habitat;Dolbae tree;frus pyrus pyrifolia;Plant resource;diversity


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