Treatment of Dyeing Wastewater by Flocculation with Calsium and Magnesium salts

칼슘과 마그네슘염을 이용한 염색폐수의 응집처리

  • Published : 2002.09.01


The changes of conventional clarification process and an increase in treatment cost are required to meet increasingly stringent regulations related to the treated water quality. Although many enhanced coagulations have introduced to improve organic matter removal, the results to remove color, nitrogen and phosphorus as well as organic material have not been very efficient yet. The removal of waste matters such as SS, organic matter, color and turbidity contained in dyeing wastewater was carried out by using the combination of calcium hydroxide and magnesium sulfate. The flocculation was investigated as a function of coagulant dose, pH, mixing time, settling time and coagulant addition modes such as the sequential addition of the two coagulants and the simultaneous addition of them. The flocculation by the combination of calcium hydroxide and magnesium sulfate was compared with that by aluminum sulfate. The mechanism of flocculation was investigated as well. About 84% of color in dyeing watewater was removed by flocculation with combination of calcium hydroxide and magnesium sulfate.



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