Design a Model of Educational Contents for Problem Based Learning using ICT

ICT 활용 교육을 위한 문제 중심 학습의 교육용 컨텐츠 모델 설계

  • Published : 2002.03.01


In this paper, 1 design a mode of educational contents for Problem Based Learning(PBL) fitted education using ICT. I design a teaching and loaming schedule for PBL using ICT. I search pertinent items of educational contents to provide to student in PBL and design a mood fitted them. ,also, 1 design a pertinent mode of system to carry out a teaching and teaming schedule. Therefor, a teaching and learning schedule designed in this paper will apply easily. Because PBL manages ill-structured problem reflected the actuality and is high ratio which student participate in instruction, 1 expect that we take the effect of instruction using ICT in PBL.