Author Verification by the Analysis of Edge Structures in Art Works

작품의 경계 형태 분석에 의란 예술품의 진위 판정

  • 조동욱 (충북과학대학 정보통신과학과)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


Author verification system of ancient literatures or art works are important in the aspects of cultural properties control and owner's properties estimation. For this, experts of cultural properties administration have been done in inspecting the author verification. But inspection fee of experts is expensive. Therefore, social demands are increasing the automatic author verification system. For this, this paper proposes the automatic author verification system by the edge structure analysis of art works. The method of edge structure analysis is adopted because of these feature factors are significant in the several feature factors. In the near future, 1 will develope the entire system to teat the various art works by comining several feature vectors. Finally, the effectiveness of this paper is demonstrated by the several experiments.


경계선 추출;히스토그램