A Study on Clustering Algorithm Using Design Pattern Structure

디자인 패턴 구조를 이용한 클러스터링에 관한 연구

  • 한정수 (천안대학교 정보통신학부) ;
  • 김귀정 (건양대학교 IT 학부)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


Clustering is representative method of components classification. But, previous clustering method that use cohesion and coupling can not be effective, because design pattern has consisted by relation between classes. In this paper, we classified design patterns with special quality of pattern structure. Classification by clustering had expressed higher correctness degree than classification by facet. Therefore, can do that it is effective that classify design patterns using clustering algorithms that is automatic classification method. When we are searching design patterns, classification of design patterns can compare and analyze similar patterns because similar patterns is saved to same category. Also we can manage repository efficiently because of using and storing link information of patterns.


설계패턴;클러스터링;클래스 다이어그램;패턴검색