A Study on the Tensile Characteristics of Spectra/Vinylester Composites with Ion Beam Treatment of Spectra Fibers.

이온빔으로 표면처리한 스펙트라/비닐에스테르 복합재의 인장특성

  • 신동혁 (강남정공 기술연구소) ;
  • 이경엽 (경희대학교 기계ㆍ산업시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


The use of Spectra fibers as fiber cloth is increasing because of their excellent impact resistance. However, a major limitation on the use of Spectra fibers is a chemical inertness. In this Study, Spectra fibers were surface-treated using Ar$^{+}$ ion beam under oxygen environment to improve the tensile property of Spectra/vinylester composites. The effect of surface treatment of Spectra fibers on the tensile property of Spectra/vinylester composites was determined from tensile tests using Spectra/vinylester composite specimens with and without a hole. It was found that the tensile stiffness and strength of surface-treated case were 22% and 17% higher than those of untreated case for specimens with no hole. The maximum load of surface-treated case was about 15% higher than that of untreated case for specimens with a hole.


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