Al5052 Welding by $CO_2$ Laser using Filler Wire

용접 와이어를 사용한 Al5052 $CO_2$ 레이저 용접

  • 박기영 ((사)고등기술연구원 시스템제어/레이저응용센터) ;
  • 이경돈 ((사)고등기술연구원 시스템제어/레이저응용센터) ;
  • 김주관 ((사)고등기술연구원 시스템제어/레이저응용센터)
  • Published : 2002.05.01


Compared to conventional welding process, laser welding does not use additional filler wire generally. However, if laser welding uses the filler wire, the applicability of the method can be broaden. When laser welding uses the filler wire, it is possible to enhance gap bridging ability and to prevent cracking in weld pool by metallurgical control. In this study, we had optimal condition and experimented gap bridging capability for butt welding with 2㎜ Al5052 alloys using the filler wire feeder. As the experimental parameters, wire feed rate and wire diameter are considered and then the performance of wire feed is evaluated under various filler wire welding conditions.