Problems Judicial Liability of On-Line Service Providers under the Infringement of Copyright in Internet

인터넷 상에서 저작권침해에 따른 온라인서비스 제공자의 책임문제

  • 박종삼 (남서울대학교 국제경영학부 국제통상학과)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


The Advent of the global information structure and the do-called digital revolution raise countless new issues and questions. There are no limitations regulating the expressions on the cyberspace due to internet's of quality anonymity\ulcorner diversity\ulcorner spontaneity. Therefore, the freedom of speech is expanded in both areas of time and space, which was impossible with the old communicating system. The rapid development of the internet may not have occurred without techniques of linking and framing, which provide users flexible and easy access to other website. These techniques have enabled internet users to navigate the internet efficiently and sort through the products, services and information available on the internet. Although online technology raises many new legal issues, the law available to help us resolve them, at least today, is largely based on the world as it existed before online commerce became a reality. Thus the challenge is to predict how these new legal issues may be resolved using the current law. Especially, the damage from the above side effects on the cyberspace can be much more serious than in the real world because of promptness, wideness and anonymity. Therefore, regulating and controling the freedom of speech on the cyberspace became needed, and there are two kinds of opinion; one is that the laws in the real world should be applied for the cyberspace and the other is that regulating and controling the freedom of speech on the cyberspace should be performed by the users of cyberspace not by laws because the cyberspace is a free space and must not be interfered. In this study, the current judicial regulation of cyberspace, the side effects of cyberspace and the limitations of the freedom of speech are studied to solve the above problems with speech and the liabilities of on-line service providers are discussed around defamation the distribution of obscene pictures and information, and infringement of copyright.