Strength Properties of Mortar Mixed with Accelerator for Freeze Protection in Constant and Variable Temperature Condition

정온 및 변온조건하에서 내한촉진제를 혼합한 모르터의 강도특성

  • 김영진 ((주)대우건설 기술연구소) ;
  • 이상수 ((주)대우건설 기술연구소) ;
  • 원철 ((주)대우건설 기술연구소) ;
  • 박상준 ((주)대우건설 기술연구소)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


When fresh concrete is exposed to low temperature, the concrete may suffer frost damage due to freezing at early ages and the strength development may be delayed. One of the solution methods to resolve these problems is to reduce freezing temperature of concrete by the use of chemical admixture called Accelerator for freeze protection. In this study we Investigate the effect on the strength development of cement mortar using accelerator for freeze protection with the variable curing condition. As the result of this study, the mortar using accelerator for freeze protection show continuously the strength development in curing condition of -5$^{\circ}C$. And the compressive strength under variable temperature condition was higher than constant temperature condition in same maturity.


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