Strength of Interior Plat Plate-Column Connections Subjected to Unbalanced Moment

불균등 휨모멘트를 받는 플랫 플레이트-기둥 접합부의 강도산정모델

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Flat plate structures under lateral load are susceptible to the brittle shear failure of plate-column connection. To prevent such brittle failure, strength and ductility of the connection should be ensured. However, according to previous studies, current design methods do not accurately estimate the strength of plate-column connection. In the present study, parametric study using nonlinear finite element analysis was performed for interior connections. Based on the numerical results, a design method for the connection was developed. At the critical sections around the connection coexist flexural moment and shear developed by lateral and gravity loads, and maximum allowable eccentric shear stresses were proposed based on the interactions between the flexural moment and shear, The proposed method can precisely predict the strength of the connection, compared with the current design provisions. The predictability of the proposed method was verified by the comparisons with existing experiments and nonlinear numerical analyses.


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