Evaluation of the Shear Strength Component by Circular Transverse Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Columns

철근콘크리트 기둥에서 원형전단철근에 의한 전단강도 산정

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Current design equations for shear strength of reinforced concrete columns generally overestimate the shear strength contribution by the circular transverse reinforcement. This is due to the simplification of the discrete distribution of the reinforcement to the continuous one and the imprudent application of the classical truss model to the circular section, which is different in shear-resisting mechanism from the rectangular section. This study presents a rational model for the prediction of shear strength contribution by the circular transverse reinforcement considering the starting location of a diagonal crack, the number of transverse reinforcing bars crossing the main crack and the geometrical strength component of the transverse resistance. It was found that, for lower amount transverse reinforcement, the crack starting point and the number of crack crossing bars greatly influence the shear-resisting capacity. Proposed model leads to a reliable design equation which is derived using a linear regression method and is in good agreement with the lower bound of exact strength curve.


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