Confinement Range of Transverse Reinforcements for T-shaped Reinforced Concrete Walls

철근콘크리트 T형 벽체의 콘크리트 구속을 위한 횡철근의 배근범위

  • Published : 2002.12.01


The objective of this study is to determine the range of confinement (or the transverse reinforcement of the reinforced concrete structural walls with the T-shaped cross section subjected to cyclic lateral loads. The range of confinement for transverse reinforcement is related to the location of neutral axis and determined by the magnitude and distribution of compressive strain. The compressive strain depends on the ratio of wall cross sectional area to the floor-plan area, the aspect ratio, configuration, the axial load, and the reinforcement ratios. By affection of flange, the neutral axis appears different depending on positive and negative forces and because of this reason, when web and flange are subjected to compressive stress, the range of confinement for the transverse reinforcement of T-shaped walls would shows different result. Therefore this experimental research focused on the structural characteristics of T-shaped walls and suggested the neutral axis depth through comparing the results of this study with sectional analysis.


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