Integrity Assessment Models for Bridge Structures Using Fuzzy Decision-Making

퍼지의사결정을 이용한 교량 구조물의 건전성평가 모델

  • Published : 2002.12.01


This paper presents efficient models for bridge structures using CART-ANFIS (classification and regression tree-adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system). A fuzzy decision tree partitions the input space of a data set into mutually exclusive regions, each region is assigned a label, a value, or an action to characterize its data points. Fuzzy decision trees used for classification problems are often called fuzzy classification trees, and each terminal node contains a label that indicates the predicted class of a given feature vector. In the same vein, decision trees used for regression problems are often called fuzzy regression trees, and the terminal node labels may be constants or equations that specify the predicted output value of a given input vector. Note that CART can select relevant inputs and do tree partitioning of the input space, while ANFIS refines the regression and makes it continuous and smooth everywhere. Thus it can be seen that CART and ANFIS are complementary and their combination constitutes a solid approach to fuzzy modeling.


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