Effects of Corrosion Environment on Mechanical Properties of Catenary Wires

가선재의 기계적특성에 미치는 부식환경의 영향

  • Published : 2002.03.01


As most railways are gradually electrified with modernized electric cars, the demand for catenary wires and their facilities are also increased. Catenary Wires are exposed to the marine area with air-borne salt or severely polluted industrial area with much corrosive emission gases depending on the locations. Corrosion of catenaty wires can make their actual lifetime shorter than that originally designed. Thus, the messenger and ACSR wires, kinds of catenary wire system, were investigated with respect to corrosion, which include new and used ones collected at the field. Tensile strengths and elongations appeared to decrease when the wires were exposed to corrosive environments. The amount of decrease was more prominent as environmental conditions became more corrosive. They are also vibrated with some amplitude everytime pentographs touch contact line. The frequent cyclic load on the wire may result in a fatigue damage. Surface damage by corrosion can make fatigue crack initiate with ease. In the present study, the fatigue life of the used wire was measured 50 to 60% compared with that of new one in average.


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