Ride Sensitivity Analysis of a Train With Non-linear Suspension Elements

비선형 현가요소를 가진 철도차량의 승차감 민감도 해석

  • 전형호 (강원대학교 기계메카트로닉스공학과 대학원) ;
  • 탁태오 (강원대학교 기계메카트로닉스공학과)
  • Published : 2002.03.01


In this study, and analytical method for ride sensitivity analysis of a train with non-linear suspension elements are proposed. Non-linear characteristics of springs and dampers for primary and secondary suspensions of a train are parameterized using polynomial interpolation. Vertical dynamic model of a three-body train running on straight rail with the predetermined roughness expressed in terms of spectral density function is set up and its equations of motion for ride analysis are derived. Using the direct differentiation method, sensitivity equations of the vertical dynamic model with respect to design parameters associated with non-linearity of suspensions are obtained. Based on the sensitivity analysis, improvement of ride is achieved by varying appropriate suspension parameters.


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