Relationship between Crack Characteristics and Damage State of Strengthened Beam

보강된 보의 균열특성과 손상상태의 상관관계

  • Published : 2002.12.01


The number of old concrete structure which needs to be strengthened has been increased. The repair and strengthening methods have to be determined based on the current status of the structure. Consequently the estimation method for the damage status of the structure has been desperately needed, but no studies have been tried to use the crack and deflection characteristics to estimate the damage status. In this study, the crack characteristics depending on load level were measured and analysed. The crack characteristics observed from 11 samples were compared with damage status, and load level, The crack characteristics examined in this study include crack number, crack length, crack range, crack interval, maximum crack length, crack area, and average crack length. The deflections were normalized based on yield deflection, and the relationship between the relative deflection and the standardized crack characteristics were compared. Among the crack characteristics, crack interval, crack area, crack range, and maximum crack length, have been showed a close relationship to the relative deflection. Therefore, if such crack characteristics are evaluated, the maximum load applied to the structure is believed to be estimated. if additional parameters such as size of specimen, strength of concrete and steel, and steel ratio are studied, the damage status of structure can be estimated more accurately.


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