Strength and Moment-Curvature Relationship of HCFT Columns under Eccentric Load

편심압축이 작용하는 HCFT기둥에 대한 내력특성과 모멘트-곡률의 곤계

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Recently, CFT Column has reported a lot of study result, because a CFT column has certain superior structural properties as well as good productivity, execution efficiency, and improved rigidity over existing column. However, CFT column still has problems clearing the capacity evaluation between its steel tube member and high-strength concrete materials. Also, high-strength concrete filled steel square tube column(HCFT) examined numerical value explanatorily about transformation performance(M-ø) of when short-column receives equal flexure-moment from axial stress on research for concrete. hnd, with basis assumption, executed development of analysis program of moment-curvature relation for analytic analysis of transformation performance of HCFT section that get by an experiment. This study investigated to properties of structural(capacity, curvature), through a series of experiments for HCFT with key parameters, such as strength of concrete(600kgf/$\textrm{cm}^2$), D/t ratio, slenderness ratio(λ) and concrete kinds under eccentric load. And, I executed comparative analysis with AISC-LRFD, AIJ and Takanori Sato etc. and experiment result that is capacity design formula.


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