Shear Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Deep Beams and Comparisons with ACI Shear Design Provisions

고강도 철근콘크리트 깊은 보의 전단거동 및 ACI 전단설계 기준과의 비교

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Currently, deep beams are designed according to ACT 318-99 equations derived from experimental data for slender beams with normal-strength concrete. In addition, there is relatively limited information on high-strength concrete deep beams with shear reinforcement. The purpose of this experimental study is to investigate the shear behavior of high-strength concrete deep beams and to grasp the conservatism of ACI shear design provisions. Experimental results on the shear behavior of 22 deep beams under two equal symmetrically placed point loads are reported. compressive strength of concrete cylinder was 800kgf/$\textrm{cm}^2$, and main variables were vertical and horizontal shear reinforcement and shear span-to-overall depth ratio (а/h). Test results showed that for high-strength concrete deep beams with shear span-to-overall depth ratio exceeding 0.75, the vertical shear reinforcement more effectively resisted the shear load than horizontal shear reinforcement. In high-strength concrete deep beams, ACI shear design provisions tended to underestimate the effect of strut-tie action and vertical shear reinforcement and overestimate the ones of horizontal shear reinforcement. Based on the experimental results of high-strength concrete deep beams and shear friction theory, this study modified the equations on the shear capacity specified by the ACI provisions.


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