Study on Wake Roll-Up Behavior Behind Wings In Close Proximity to the Ground

Han, Cheol-Heui;Cho, Jin-Soo

  • 발행 : 2002.11.30


A numerical simulation of wake behavior behind three-dimensional wings in ground effect is done using an indirect boundary element method (Panel Method). An integral equation is obtained by applying Green's 2nd Identity on all surfaces of the flow domain. The AIC is constructed by imposing the no penetration condition on solid surfaces, and the Kutta at the wing's trailing edge. The ground effect is included using an image method. At each time step, a row of wake panels from wings' trailing edge are convected downstream following the force-free condition. The roll-up of wake vortices behind wings in close proximity is simulated.


Numerical Simulation;Indirect Boundary Element Method;Ground Effect;Wake Roll-up


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