Theoretical and Experimental Considerations of Thermal Humidity Characteristics

Choi, Seok-Weon;Cho, Ju-Hyeong;Seo, Hee-Jun;Lee, Sang-Seol

  • Published : 2002.05.30


Thermal humidity characteristics were considered theoretically and experimentally. A Simply well-fitted correlation of a saturated vapor pressure-temperature curve of water was introduced based on Antoine equation to make theoretical prediction of relative humidity according to temperature variation. Characteristics of dew point were also examined theoretically and its relation with temperature and humidity was evaluated. The exact mass of water vapor in a specified humidity and temperature condition was estimated to provide useful insight into the idea about how much amount of water corresponds to a specified humidity and temperature condition in a confined system. A simple but well-fitting model of dehumidification process was introduced to anticipate the trend of relative humidity level during GN2(gaseous nitrogen) purge process in a humidity chamber. Well-suitedness of this model was also verified by comparison with experimental data. The overall appearance and specification of two thermal humidity chambers were introduced which were used to perform various thermal humidity tests in order to yield useful data necessary to support validity of theoretical models.


humidity;temperature;dew point;vapor pressure;dehumidification


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