Robust Tracker Design Method Based on Multi-Trajectories of Aircraft

  • Kim, Eung-Tai (Aircraft Division, Korea Aerospace Research Institute) ;
  • Andrisani, D. II (Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Department, Purdue University)
  • Published : 2002.05.30


This paper presents a robust tracker design method that is specific to the trajectories of target aircraft. This method assumes that representative trajectories of the target aircraft are available. The exact trajectories known to the tracker enables the incorporation of the exact data in the tracker design instead of the measurement data. An estimator is designed to have acceptable performance in tracking a finite number of different target trajectories with a capability to trade off the mean and maximum errors between the exact trajectories and the estimated or predicted trajectories. Constant estimator gains that minimize the cost functions related to the estimation or prediction error are computed off-line from an iterative algorithm. This tracker design method is applied to the longitudinal motion tracking of target aircraft.


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