Application of PIV in the Flow Field Over a Fixed Dune Bed

언덕이 있는 하상유동 계측을 통한 PIV기법의 수력학적 적용연구

  • Hyun B. S. (Korea Maritime univ.) ;
  • Balacharldar R. (Univ. of Windsor, Ontario) ;
  • Patel V, C. (IIHR, Univ. of Iowa)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


The assessment of PIV to measure the mean velocity and turbulence was carried out over a train of fixed two-dimensional dunes. The agreement between the PIV and LDV is good enough even in regions of flow reversals and high shear. Though limited in the wall normal direction field-of-view, PIV provides instantaneous flow fields, which reveal the complex nature of flow over dunes, as well as more sophisticated analyses such as two-point space correlation and quadrant analysis with a reasonable accuracy The present study is expected to be directly applied to more complex flow such as sediment transport.