견관절 불안정성의 관절경적 치료에 있어 Beach chair position의 유용성

Choi, Chang-Hyuk;Shin, Min-Cheul

  • 발행 : 2002.12.01


Purpose: The purpose was to identify the effectiveness of beach-chair position in the arthroscopic Bankart repair over conventional lateral decubitus position with distal traction. Materials & Methods: 36 arthroscopic Bankart repair through July 2000 to July 2001 was done under beach chair position. All cases were shoulder instability. Male patients were 6 and female were 4 with average age of 25 years. Arthroscopic suture anchor was used in 24 cases and average number was 3. Results: Interscalene block was tried in 29 patients and 1 case was changed to general anesthesia. Arthroscopic examination to identify Bankart lesion and associated pathology was done without difficulty Bankart lesions were easily reduced to anatomic position and placed suture anchor and hooking approprately. After the arthroscopic examination,3 cases were converted to open procedure without any positional change. Conclusion: Under interscalene block, the preparation was more simple and the patient could watch arthroscopic procedure with confidence. There was no hindrance in arthroscopic examination and arthroscopic repair could be dont: in more anatomic position. It can be easily changed to open repair if it needed


Shoulder instability;Beach chair position


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