Analysis of Students' Responses on the Items of Chemistry II in the College Scholastics Ability Test

대학수학능력시험 화학II 문항에 대한 학생들의 응답 분석

  • Published : 2002.03.30


In this study, the students' responses on the items of chemistry II in the College Scholastics Ability Test (CSAT) implemented for the past 3 years since 1999 was investigated. The number of applicants and mean score of chemistry II, average percent correct by contents and inquiry process, and the items with high and/or low percent correct are analysed and discussed. The percentage of applicants for natural science track is reduced each year. However, more than 25% of natural science track applied to chemistry II, which ranked second to biology II. The mean score of chemistry II was increased in 2001 along with those of other subjects. There is no difference in average percent correct either by contents or inquiry process. Students performed generally poor at solving test items relating to 'colligative properties of solution' such as 'boiling point elevation' or 'osmotic pressure', and very well at solving test items relating to 'reaction rates'. Educational implications are discussed.


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