Determination of Diazepam in Intact Diazepam Tablets Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy

근적외선 분광법을 이용한 디아제팜정에서 디아제팜의 정량

  • Received : 2002.04.16
  • Published : 2002.06.25


A rapid and simple determination of diazepam in intact diazepam tablets has been investigated using the near infrared spectroscopy(NIRS) combined with partial least squares regession. The separate calibration curves of 2 mg and 5 mg diazepam tablets were studied, as well as the linearity, concentration range and reproducibility of those calibration curves were evaluated. The correlation coefficients of calibration curves of 2 mg and 5 mg diazepam tablets are 0.9416 and 0.9159, respectively and the standard errors of calibration curves(SEC) are 0.018% and 0.032%, respectively.


NIR spetroscopy;partial least squares regression;diazepam;pharmaceutical analysis


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