Analysis of Toxic Heavy Meatals using Hybrid Neural Network in Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectroscoy

글로우 방전 원자방출에서의 Hybrid Neural Network를 이용한 유해 중금속 분석

  • Lee, J.S. (Department of Chemistry, KyungNam University) ;
  • Lee, S.C. ;
  • Choi, K.S. (Department of Chemistry, KyungNam University) ;
  • Kim, Y.S. (Department of Chemistry, KyungNam University) ;
  • So, S.H. (Department of ComputerEngineering, KyungNam University) ;
  • Ha, K.J. (Department of ComputerEngineering, KyungNam University) ;
  • Ryu, D.H. (Department of ComputerEngineering, KyungNam University) ;
  • Cho, T.H. (Department of ComputerEngineering, KyungNam University) ;
  • Jung, M.S. (Department of ComputerEngineering, KyungNam University)
  • Received : 2002.04.11
  • Published : 2002.10.25


A system software on-line spectral analysis of atomic emission spectrometer. The system program consisted of a control part for the optical instruments and the spectrum analysis part the artificial intelligence method to reduce nonlinear error of the wavelengths. McPHERSON 207 Monochromator controlled GPIB communication protocol, and the detector signal was measured from PMT by using A/D Amplifier that was made by Photon_Tek. co.. HNN(Hybrid Neural Network) of artificial intelligence technique was applied to the qualitative analysis of P, Cu, Fe, Cr, and that was accurately applied to the quantitative analysis of Cd with 10 ppb level better than the conventional methods.


hybrid neural network;spectrum analysis program;glow discharge-atomic emission spectrometry


Grant : 농산물에 함유된 미량유해중금속의 현장 분석기기 연구개발

Supported by : 경남대


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