Analysis of dioxin-like PCBs in Soil samples

토양 중 dioxin-like PCBs의 분석

  • Received : 2002.05.23
  • Published : 2002.10.25


The analytical method of 14 kinds of coplanar - PCBs was established and applied the soil sample. The three kinds of extraction solvents (toluene, acetone: n-hexane, dichloromethane) were selected to apply the soil sample. The silica gel, florisil and alumina column cleanup also performed to compare the elution recovery. The average recovery of selected solvents in soil A, B and C was surveyed the 84.25%, 56.09% and 44.69% for toluene, 52.56%, 81.42% and 58.53% for acetone : n - hexane and 55.94%, 71.33% and 61.05% for dichloromethane. The average recovery is represented 49.99% for silica gel (n - hexane 100 mL), 69.65% for florisil (6% ether/n - hexane 100 mL), and 65.23% for alumina (2% DCM : n - hexane 100 mL, 50% DCM: n-hexane 150 mL). In silica gel (n - hexane) and florisil (6% ether : n - hexane) cleanup, the 14 kinds of coplanar PCBs eluted until 40 mL. In the silica gel and florisil columns cleanup, the amounts of elution solvent can be reduced from these results, but the researcher has to confirm the elution amounts before performing the experiments. In alumina cleanup process, the result was obtained to the 100 mL of elution solvents (2% DCM: n-hexane 100 mL and 50% DCM: n-hexane 40 mL), therefore the change of elution solvent is necessary to develop the simple procedure.


dioxin-like PCBs;polychlorinated biphenyls;PCBs analytical method


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