Accumulation of Organonitrogen Pesticides in Fishes and Amphibians from the Basin of Major Rivers of S. Korea

우리 나라 주요 하천유역에 서식하는 양서류 및 어류의 유기질소계 농약류 축적

  • Received : 2002.04.16
  • Published : 2002.12.25


In this study, we determined distribution status of organonitrogen pesticides such as trifluralin, atrazine, metribuzin, alachlor, malathion, nitrofen, permethrin, cypermethrin, fenvalerate, and parathion accumulated in the fresh water fishes and amphibians. We collected those samples at 31 sites from the basin of major rivers, and separated the muscular tissue as a final sample for analysis. In the pretreatment process, lipid was eliminated by using acetonitrile and n-hexane, and pesticides were reextracted with dichloromethane. The extract was dehydrated and concentrated, and then cleaned it up by passing the Florisil column, and pesticide content was finally determined by using a GC-MS system after introducing isotope labelled references. The accumulation level was observed in the range of $0.17{\sim}6.8{\mu}g/kg$ in amphibians and $0.26{\sim}16{\mu}g/kg$ in fishes including cypermethrin as $16{\mu}g/kg$.


Supported by : 환경부, 국립환경연구원


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