Isolation and Structure Determination of Phytotoxins from a Phytopathogenic Fungus Bipolaris sorokiniana

식물병원균 Bipolaris sorokiniana로부터 제초활성 물질의 분리 및 구조결정

  • Lim, Chi-Hwan (Dept. of Agricultural Chemistry, Chungnam Nat'l Univ.)
  • 임치환 (충남대학교 농업생명과학대학 농화학과)
  • Published : 2002.12.31


Two phytotoxic compounds, 3-methoxybenzoic acid (MBA) and 3-hydroxy benzoic acid methyl ester (HBAME), were purified and structurally characterized by instrumental analyses from a culture of a phytopathogenic fungus, Bipolaris sorokiniana. During the isolation procedure, the toxic components were monitored by the assay using rice (Echinochloa crusgalli) and Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum). These compounds had a molecular formula of $C_8H_8O_3$ and inhibited the root growth of the plant seedlings over 90% at a level of 1000 ppm. This is the first report of herbicidal activity of MBA and HBAME purified from B. sorokiniana.



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