A Study on Light Guide Luminaire Design using Prismatic Film

프리즘 필름을 이용한 조명기구 설계 연구

  • Published : 2002.08.30


There are a number of practical uses for devices which are capable of piping large amounts of light: illumination of areas where there would be maintenance, safety, or security problems with electronic light sources; piping sunlight into indoor areas for illumination; and the conversion of high luminous efficacy, good color quality, high intensity discharge lamps into more acceptable linear of area sources of light. Prism light guides are hollow structures which pipe light by means of total internal reflectin(TIR). These devices are unique in their ability to combine the efficiency of TIR with the relatively low cost of hollow structure. An important application stems from their ability to transform a point source of light such as an incandescent or discharge lamp into a linear or area source of light or illumination. We report the development of an economical, flexible prismatic film for fabricating the light guide wall. This guide geometries and films are currently under development.


Supported by : 과학기술부


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