Daylighting of Underground Parking Lots in Apartment Housings by Field Survey and Performance Evaluation

공동주택 지하주차장의 자연채광 실태 및 채광성능 평가

  • Published : 2002.08.30


Recently, underground spaces can be usually applied to the alternative of land use for parking. However, lack of window and natural light are among the most cited drawbacks associated with dark image of underground. If underground parking lots are designed to be positive and safe environment for people, openings for daylighting will play a significant role. The natural light and unobstructed view to outdoor are main elements to create optimal underground parking lots. This paper focuses on investigating the actual day lighting conditions and evaluating the day lighting performance of openings as potential lighting resources. For the study, the field measurements and Questionnaire surveys are conducted. And then, the day lighting performance of underground parking lots based on opening geometry and orientation are evaluated by scaled model experiments. As results, the feelings of safety and orientation of underground parking lots are improved by openings for day lighting regardless of the sizes. The required illuminances (daylight factor 0.5%) for underground parking lots can be satisfied in the skylight opening ratio of 4% or more.


Supported by : 경희대학교


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