The relationship between milk composition and conditions of ovary and uterus with reproductive fresh check in early lactating cows

분만 후 첫 번째 번식검진시 난소 및 자궁 질환에 따른 유성분 수준 비교

  • Accepted : 2002.04.25
  • Published : 2002.06.29


The relationship between level of milk composition and conditions of ovary and uterus were analyzed in Holstein cows at seven farms participating in a reproductive herd health management program. Milk data were taken from 503 early lactating cows between 30 and 60 days in milk with reproductive examination with ultrasonography from september 1999 to August 2000. Milk fat, protein and solid-not-fat concentration in the herds were $3.70{\pm}1.08%$, $2.97{\pm}0.35$, and $8.41{\pm}0.61%$, respectively. The reproductive disorder relative to normal cows had higher risk in the cows that the level of protein was lower than 2.70%. Also, the higher milk fat than 4.50% were associated with a higher risks in the uterine disease and follicular cysts. Therefore, the cows with the fat to protein ratio of > 1.30 had higher risks for reproductive disorder such as cystic ovarian diseases, inactive ovaries and endometritis. These results indicated that cows diagnosed with reproductive disorder were energy deficient prior to reproductive disorder diagnosis. Consequently, milk fat and protein analyses may be used serve as a monitoring tool for condition of ovary and uterus in early lactating cows


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