Development of program for herd health management by milk components analysis of dairy cows

젖소에서 유성분 분석을 통한 우군 건강관리프로그램의 개발

  • Accepted : 2002.12.04
  • Published : 2002.12.30


The purpose of this study was to develope a computer program to help with gross diagnosis of protein-energy balance and feeding management practice and with the prediction about the risk possibility of productive disease such as reproductive and metabolic disorders by evaluating fat, protein, and milk urea nitrogen (MUN) from individual cow milk in dairy herd Somatic cell counts also represent the condition of udder health. The principal flow charts of this program was to check on herd management, sampling the composite milk, analysis the milk composition, conversion of data from milking equipment to program, input and analysis of data in program, and report. This program is compatible with window 95/98 system. The major analytical elements of this program were presented as; the profile of herd lactation curve analysis of the test-day milk production level, the distribution of somatic cell count, the fat to protein ratio to evaluate body energy balance, and the interpretation of dietary protein-energy balance by milk protein and MUN contents for individual cows. This program using milk fat, protein, MUN, and somatic cell counts will serve as a monitoring tool for the protein-energy balance and the feeding management practice, and for distribution of mastitis in individual cows. It will also be used to manage the nutritional and reproductive disorders and mastitis at the farm level.


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