The detection of Streptococcus suis serotype 1 (+14), 2 (+1/2), 7 and 9 from pneumonic lungs in slaughtered pigs by a multiplex PCR

도축돈의 폐병변에서 Streptococcus suis 1 (+14)형, 2 (+1/2)형, 7형 그리고 9형의 Multiplex PCR을 통한 검출

  • Koo, Kyung-Min (Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University) ;
  • Lim, Jae-Hyang (Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University) ;
  • Koh, Hong-Bum (Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University)
  • 구경민 (전남대학교 동물의학연구소) ;
  • 임재향 (전남대학교 동물의학연구소) ;
  • 고홍범 (전남대학교 동물의학연구소)
  • Accepted : 2002.12.02
  • Published : 2002.12.30


Streptococcus suis is an important swine pathogen in nearly all countries with an extensive pig industry. It is associated with meningitis, arthritis, endocarditis, septicaemia, bronchopneumonia and sudden death. Attempts to control the disease are still hampered the lack of effective vaccines and sensitive diagnostic tools. A PCR method which can be used for the detection of virulent strains of serotype 2, which is most prevalent serotype, and serotype 1 was developed. However, serotype 1, 2, 7 and 9 strains are frequently isolated from diseased pigs. In European countries, S suis serotype 2 is the most prevalent type isolated from diseased pigs, followed by serotype 9 and 1. In Japan, capsular serotype 2 was also the most prevalent serotype, followed by capsular serotype 7. Most of S suis isolated from diseased pigs belong to a limited number of capsular serotype, often those between 1 and 9. We investigated the distribution of S suis serotype 1, 2, 7 and 9 from 740 pig lungs at abattoir in Jeolla and Chungcheong by rapid multiplex PCR assay. Fifty of 740 lung samples, 6.8%, were S suis postitive and identified S suis were divided by 38% (19/50) in serotype 2, 2% (1/50) in serotype 7 and 4% (2/50) in serotype 9. The distribution of S suis serotype in Korea was similar to other countries. Moreover, the multiplex PCR assay may be an useful diagnostic tool for the detection of pigs carrying serotype 1, 2, 7, 1/2, 9 and 14 strains in epidemiological and transmission studies and facilitate control and eradication programs.


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