A Study on Characteristics of Temperature and Radicals in Laminar Non-premixed H2/N2 Flame Using LIPF and LRS

레이저 유도 선해리 형광법과 래일레이 산란법에 의한 층류 비예혼합 수소/질소 화염의 온도 및 라디칼 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.09.15


Rayleigh scattering and laser induced predissociative fluorescence are used to obtain two-dimensional images of temperature and species concentration in a laminar non-premixed flame of a diluted hydrogen jet. Rayleigh scattering cross-sections are experimentally obtained at 248nm. Planar images of OH and $O_2$ with tunable KrF excimer laser which has a) $0.5cm^{-1}$ linewidth, b) 0.5nm tuning range, c) 150mJ pulse energy, and d) 20ns pulse width are obtained to determine spatial distributions of OH and $O_2$. The technique is based on planar laser induced predissociative fluorescence (PLIPF) in which collisional quenching is almost avoided because of the fast predissociation. Dispersed LIPF spectra of OH and $O_2$ are also measured in a flame in order to confirm the excitation of single vibronic state of OH and $O_2$. OH and $O_2$ are excited on the $P_2$(8) and $Q_1$(11) line of the $A^2{\Sigma}^{+}({\nu}^{'}=3)-X^{2}{\Pi}({\nu}^{''}=o)$ band and R(17) line of the Schumann-Runge band $B^{3}{\Sigma}_{u}{^-}(\nu^{'}=0)-X^{3}{\Sigma}_{g}{^-}({\nu}^{''}=6)$, respectively. Fluorescence spectra of OH and Hot $O_2$ are captured and two-dimensional images of the hydrogen flame field are successfully visualized.


Rayleigh scattering;Laser induced predissociative fluorescence;Laminar non-premixed flame;Excimer laser


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