The Fabrication of Mg9Ti1-(10, 20 wt%)Ni Hydrogen Absorbing Alloys by Hydrogen Induced Mechanical Alloying and Evaluation of Hydrogenation Properties (Part I : Preparations and Characterizations of Alloys)

수소 가압형 기계적 합금화법을 이용한 Mg9Ti1-(10, 20 wt%)Ni 수소저장합금의 제조와 수소화 특성 (제 1보 : 합금제조와 특성평가)

  • Published : 2002.09.15


The main emphasis of this study was to find an new hydrogen absorbing alloy such as Mg-Ti-Ni-H systems, and to investigate their hydrogenation properties. ($Mg_9Ti_x$)-10, 20wt%Ni-Hx systems were prepared by hydrogen induced mechanical alloying(HIMA) using Mg and Ni chips and sponge Ti. The particles synthesized were characterized by X-ray diffraction, and their morphologies were observed by means of scanning electron microscopy(SEM) with energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS). In addition, the crystal structures were analyzed in terms of their bright-/ dark field images and the selected area diffraction pattern(SADP) of transmission electron microscopy(TEM).


$Mg_9Ti_x$-10, 20wt%Ni-Hx;Hydrogen induced mechanical alloying(HIMA);XRD;X-ray diffraction;Scanning electron mcroscopy;SEM;Selected area diffraction pattern;SADP


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