Fabrication and Characteristics of 150ℓ Class Hydrogen Tank Using Hydrogen Storage Alloy

수소저항합금을 이용한 150ℓ급 수소저장용기의 제작과 특성에 관한 연구

  • 강길구 (동명산업(주)) ;
  • 강세선 (한밭대학교 공동재료실험실) ;
  • 권호영 (대덕대학 컴퓨터응용계열 시스템안전설계과) ;
  • 이임렬 (단국대학교 신소재공학과)
  • Published : 2002.06.15


The hydrogen storage vessel having a good heat conductivity along with a simple structure and a low cost for these alloys was designed and manufactured, and then its characteristic properties were studied in this study. The various parts in hydrogen storage vessel consisted of copper pipes and stainless steel of 250 mesh reached the setting temperature after 4~5 minutes, which indicated that storage vessel had a good heat conductivity that was required in application. And also the storage vessel had a good property of hydrogen transport considering that the reaction time between hydrogen and rare-earth metal alloys in storage vessel was found to be within 10 min at $18^{\circ}C$ under 10 atmospheric pressure. It showed that the average capacity of discharged hydrogen volume was found to be $120{\ell}$ for $MmNi_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$ under discharging conditions of $40^{\circ}C{\sim}80^{\circ}C$ at a constant flow rate of $5{\ell}$/min. It was found that the optimum discharging temperature for obtaining an appropriate pressure of 3atm was determined to be $60^{\circ}C$ for $MmNi_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$ hydrogen storage alloy.


Hydrogen storage alloy;Hydrogen storage vessel;Misch metal;$MmN_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$


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