The study on the Hydrogen Characteristics of MmNi4.5Mn0.5 Hydrogen Storage Alloy

MmNi4.5Mn0.5계 수소저장합금의 수소화 특성에 관한 연구

  • Kang, Kil-Ku (Dong Myung Ltd. Co) ;
  • Kang, Sei-Sun (Materials Testing Center, Hanbat national University) ;
  • Kwon, Ho-Young (System Safety Design Engineering Daeduk College) ;
  • Lee, Rhim-Youl (Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Dankook Universityl of Energy Engineering)
  • 강길구 (동명산업(주)) ;
  • 강세선 (한밭대학교 공동재료실험실) ;
  • 권홍영 (대덕대학 시스템안전설계과) ;
  • 이임렬 (단국대학교 신소재공학과)
  • Published : 2002.06.15


The hydorgen storage alloys were produced by melting in arc melting furnace and then solution heat treated at $1,100^{\circ}C$ followed by pulverization. The chemical analysis on the samples showed that the major elements of misch metal(Mm) were La, Ce, Pr and Nd with impurity less than 1wt.%. X-ray diffraction indicated that the structure for these samples were a single phase of hexagonal with $CaCu_5$ type. Compared to the initial particle size $100{\sim}110{\mu}m$, the many fine cracks were found and particle size decreased to $14{\mu}m$ for $MmNi_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$ after hydriding/dehydring test run. To activate the sample the vessel filled with hydrogen storage alloys was first evacuated for for at $70^{\circ}C$ and then treated for 10.5hr under hydrogen pressure of 20atm for $MmNi_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$ alloy. The experimental data showed that the hydrogen storage alloy of $MmNi_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$ had superior adsorption and description properties within a temperature rang of $40^{\circ}C{\sim}80^{\circ}C$ and also they had a good P-C-T curve.


Hydrogen storage alloy;P-C-T curve;Misch metal;$MmN_{4.5}Mn_{0.5}$


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