The Development of a Web-based Java Programming Course Contents

웹 기반의 자바 프로그래밍 강의 교안 개발

  • Lee Chung-Ki (Department of Computer Software Myongji University)
  • 이충기 (명지대 컴퓨터소프트웨어학과)
  • Published : 2002.06.01


Recently, as the use of the Internet and the Web becomes universal, there has been a great deal of efforts to use it for education among educators throughout the world. The advantage of a Web-based lecture is that people can take it anywhere at a low cost anytime. The demand for learning java programming using the Web is increasing. Accordingly, a number of Web-based Java programming course contents have developed and used. Problems with existing contents are that materials about how to program are not sufficient and the presentation of the lecture is most often separated from the programming environment. In this paper, we present a methodology for developing course contents of Java programming to solve these problems and develop them using it. Then we report the evaluation result of course contents by students who took a Web-based lecture using them.



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