Implementation of A Web-based Virtual Laboratory For Digital Logic Circuits Using Multimedia

멀티미디어를 이용한 웹기반 디지털 논리회로 가상실험실의 구현

  • Published : 2002.06.01


Recently, according to the appearance of various virtual websites using multimedia technologies, the internet applications in engineering education have drawn muchinterests. But unidirectional communication, simple text/image-based webpages and tedious learning process without motivation, etc. have made the lowering of educational efficiency in cyberspace. This paper presents a virtual laboratory system which can be creating efficiencies in the learning process. The proposed virtual laboratory system for digital logic circuits provides interactive learning environment under which the multimedia capabilities of world-wide web can be enhanced. The virtual laboratory system is implemented to describe the on-campus laboratory, the learners can obtain similar experimental data through it. The virtual laboratory system is composed of four important components : principle classroom, simulation classroom, virtual experiment classroom and management system. Learning efficiencies as well as faculty productivity are increased in this innovative teaching and learning environment.



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