A Case Study of Alumni Survey for Evaluation of Engineering Education Outcomes

공학교육 성과 평가를 위한 졸업생 설문조사 사례연구

  • Published : 2002.06.01


The School of Electrical Engineering and School of Civil, Urban, and Geosystem Engineering of Seoul National University (SNU) have conducted alumni surveys to evaluate the importance and preparedness of the engineering outcomes that are demanded in the industry and to feedback the survey results to the establishment of educational objectives and student capability and the revision of curricula. In this paper, first we analyzed the collected data to see the distributions of the respondents in terms of graduation year, profession, final degree, and so on. Second we evaluated the importance and preparedness of the engineering outcomes and compared them with those obtained at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of UCLA. The above-mentioned three groups gave very similar evaluation of the importance of each item of engineering outcomes, showing that the industry-demanding engineering outcomes are very similar regardless of country or major. Investigating the difference between the importance and preparedness, SNU showed relatively low preparedness compared to UCLA, meaning that SNU is somewhat behind UCLA in engineering education. On the other hand, all the three groups showed considerably poor preparedness in the abilities to function on multi-disciplinary teams and to communicate effectively, indicating that is needed education to strengthen these abilities.



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