The Development of Problem Solving Oriented Java Programming Online Course Contents

문제해결 중심의 자바프로그래밍 온라인 강의 교안 개발

  • Lee Sang-Gon (Division of Internet Engineering Dongseo University)
  • 이상곤 (동서대학교 인터넷공학부)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


In the knowledge based society, the development of creative human resources is one of the core factors for securing a national competition power. Especially in the software industries, the development of human resources who can solve a problem creatively by applying object oriented programming technique which is a update Programming technology is required. In this paper, we designed a lecture plan and produced it into a course contents which could be run on a online learning system. The teaching focuses of the developed course are the development of problem solving ability and object oriented design and programming ability through Java.



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