PIV Measurements of the Pressure Driven Flow Inside a T-Shaped Microchannel Junction

T헝 마이크로채널 연결부 압력구동 유동의 PIV계측

  • Published : 2003.04.01


A custom micro-PIV optics assembly has been used to measure the flow fold inside a T-junction of a microchannel. The micro-PIV system consists of microscope objectives of various magnifications, a dichroic cube, and an 8-bit CCD camera. Fluorescent particles of diameters 620 nm have been used with a Nd:YAG laser and color filters. A programmable syringe pump with Teflon tubings were used to inject particle-seeded distilled water into the channel at flow rates of 2.0, 4.0, 6.0 mL/hr. The micro-channels are fabricated with PDMS with a silicon mold, then O$_{2}$ -ion bonded onto a slide glass. Results show differences in flow characteristics and resolution according to fluid injection rates, and magnifications, respectively. The results include PIV data with vector-to-vector distances of 2 $\mu$m with 32 pixel-square interrogation windows at 50$\%$ overlap.