Synthesis of Gd2O3 : (Li, Eu) Films using Phosphor Powders Coated with SiO2 Nano Particles

SiO2 나노 입자로 코팅된 형광체 분말을 이용한 Gd2O3 : (Li, Eu) 필름 제조

  • Published : 2003.12.20


The $Gd_{1.9-x}Li_{0.1}Eu_xO_3$ (x=0.02, 0.05, 0.08, and 0.12) powders (${\thickapprox}1{\mu}m$) synthesized by sol-gel method, whose surfaces are modified in a colloidal silica suspension (size of $SiO_2$ particles: ${\sim}30$ nm), have been fabricated to highly stable and effective luminescent films on the glass substrates. Thanks to the fused $SiO_2$ nano particles in the vicinity of the glass softening temperature (at around $700^{\circ}C$), $Gd_{1.9-x}Li_{0.1}Eu_xO_3$ powders are strongly attached onto the surface of glass substrate (>9H, pencil hardness tester). This simple and low-cost method to get $Gd_{1.9-x}Li_{0.1}Eu_xO_3$ phosphor films without any loss of luminescence brightness would promise for applications to display devices.


$Gd_{1.9-x}Li_{0.1}Eu_xO_3$;$SiO_2$ Nano Particles;Phosphor Films


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