Synthesis of New N2O Tridentate Ligands and Their Stability Constants of Transition Metal Complexes

새로운 N2O계 세 자리 리간드의 합성과 전이금속 착물 안정도상수

  • Published : 2003.12.20


Ligands, Br-PEMP, Cl-PEMP and $CH_3O-PEMP$ having Br, Cl and $CH_3O$ substituents at 5-position of the $N_2O$ tridentate ligand, 2-[(2-pyridine-2-ethylamio)-methyl]-phenol (H-PEMP) containing pyridine and phenol were synthesized. Another ligand, Naph-PEMP having pyridine and 2-hydroxy-1-naphthalene was also synthesized. The ligands were characterized using elemental analysis, UV-visible, IR, $^1H\;NMR\;and\;^{13}C$ NMR spectroscopy and mass analysis. The potentiometric titration study in aqueous solution revealed that the proton dissociation of the ligands occurred in three steps and the order of overall proton dissociation constants (log${\beta}$) was $CH_3O-PEMP$ > Naph-PEMP > H-PEMP > Cl-PEMP > Br-PEMP. The order of stability constants (logML and log$ML_2$) of their transition metal complexes was Co(II) < Ni(II) < Cu(II) > Zn(II). The order in their stability constants values of each transition metal complex agreed well with that in overall proton dissociation constant value of the ligands.


Tridentate Ligand;Overall Proton Dissociation Constant;Stability Constant


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