Two Biophenolic Glycosides from Portulaca oleracea

쇠비름에서 분리된 2개의 Biophenolic Glycosides

  • Youngwan Seo (Division of Ocean Science, Korea Maritime University) ;
  • Jongheon Shin (Marine Natural Products Laboratory, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute) ;
  • Burm Jong Lee (Department of Chemistry, Inje University) ;
  • Dong Seok Lee (Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Inje University)
  • 서영완 (한국해양대학교 해양과학부) ;
  • 신종헌 (한국해양연구원 해양환경.기후연구본부) ;
  • 이범종 (인제대학교 화학과) ;
  • 이동석 (인제대학교 임상병리학과)
  • Published : 2003.02.20


From Portulaca oleracea which is widely distributed in Korea and has long been used as a folk medicine, two biophenolic glycosides, 3-hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxyethyl)phenyl-4-O-${\beta}$-D-glucopyranoside (1) and 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl) ethyl-O-${\beta}$-D-glucopyranoside (2) were isolated using column chromatography and reversed-phase HPLC. $^{13}C$ NMR spectral assignment for these compounds was revised by the extensive 2-D NMR experiments such as NOESY, HMQC, and HMBC. These compounds showed a considerable antioxidant effect in DPPH assay system.


Portulaca oleracea;Biophenolic Glycosides;Antioxidant Effect


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