Consumer's Recognition, Nutrient Composition, and Safety Evaluation of Commercial Sunsik and Saengsik

시판 선식.생식 제품에 대한 소비자 인식 조사와 영양성분 및 위생안전성 분석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2003.06.30


This study was to investigate the consumer recognition of commercial Sunsik & Saengsik. The data was collected from the 395 married women residing in Seoul and Kyungki area by the self-administered questionnaire. A related purpose was to analyze the nutrient composition and the hygienic safety of commercial Sunsik and Saengsik. The results from this study were as follows. The purchasing and using behaviors were significantly different between two user groups. Sunsik users have generally purchased the products at a discount store(41.0%) as a between-meal snack(36.4%). The products were usually the ones made on the spot(55.0%). However, Saengsik users have purchased the manufactured products-serving size package-(84.0%) at a health foods store(50.7%) as a health food(38.7%). Many of Sunsik users have had Sunsik in water or milk with sugar(40.7%) and 1-2 times a week(40.0%). But Saengsik users have usually had Saengsik in water or milk with honey(38.6%) and everyday(34.7%). According to the analysis on nutrition composition, crude proteins were significantly more rich in Sunsik samples, and crude ashes were more rich in Saengsik samples(p<0.01). Sunsik E and all the Saengsik samples showed the high total viable plate counts of $4.8{\sim}7.0$ log cfu/g. Coliform groups were detected in all the Saengsik and two Sunsik(A, E) samples.


Sunsik;Saengsik;nutrition composition;consumer's recognition


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